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MR. ME asked:

i have checked craigslist and ebay where next

new site

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5 Responses to CHEAPEST IPHONE ?

  1. new site says:

    book value

    you could look for a refurbished iphone from apple which should be cheaper then a new one

  2. new site says:

    plane deals

    Go hang out at the Verizon stores… watch for really disgruntled, soon to be former AT&T users that are going in to get the Blackberry Pearl. Those are the people that will sell an iPhone quick and CHEAP!

    But seriously, keep watching crlst and ebay. Go to some of the craigslist lists that are in other cities and states. Larger cities with more people will have more used phones, driving the costs down. Careful if you find one that is “Unlocked” or Jailbroken. You don’t want to end up spending more time and money trying to figure out what someone else did wrong.

  3. new site says:

    new site

    here i found this on google

  4. new site says:

    free credit report

    Get the original iPhone.Their going to be a lot cheaper then 3G or 3GS. Check ubid web site or amazon

  5. new site says:

    new site

    Refurbished 8gb iphone 3g at Att for $49 with 2 contract.

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