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Where can I get the cheapest iPhone 4 contract deal?

jood asked:

I am thinking about buying an iPhone 4 and am have trouble finding the cheapest deal on conttract or a really cheap one on PAYG, can anyone help me?

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3 Responses to Where can I get the cheapest iPhone 4 contract deal?

  1. new site says:


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  2. new site says:

    new site

    Its hard to find good deals on iphone 4. Most places retail them for 199 or 299. But I know radio shack did a deal for the iphone 4. For 150. And you won’t find any cheaper than that

  3. new site says:

    new site

    Yes, you are going to have a lot of trouble trying to find a good deal on an iPhone contract or a Pay-As-You-Go iPhone. The reason? There isn’t one.

    You can keep searching, reading forums, browsing sketchy websites, etc but after all those hours you will finally realize that there is no shortcut. It’s a bit of a monopoly with AT&T being the only carrier (Verizon soon, but expect similar plan rates).

    The best thing you can do is get the cheapest AT&T plan possible. That’s the 400 nationwide rollover minute plan of $39.99 a month and 200MB data plan of $15 a month. If you don’t want to pay $55 per month then stop right now and look for something other than an iPhone. The plan is expensive even without considering the phone at all.

    So you’re ok with $55 a month? Good. Now you can focus on saving money on the phone itself. This is the only area where you actually can find deals, discounts etc. The iPhone 4 16 GB phone is $199 from the Apple Store or your local AT&T store. However, if you look around you can find deals on refurbished iPhones or iPhones that have a little scratch or blemish on them but are otherwise brand new.

    Currently, the best deal for the iPhone 4 16GB is $79.00 for a blemished model or $99 for a refurbished model which you can see here:

    The best part is that although they are blemished or refurbished, it’s still sold ‘as new’ by AT&T and you’ll get a 90 day warranty (or more) with the phone as well.

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